Tyler Wolf

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Hi, I'm Tyler Wolf, a student at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, where I plan to major in philosophy and computer science with a concentration in linguistics. I am interested in many areas within these fields, particularly logic and its applications in computer science, linguistics, and philosophy, as well as semiotics. I also hold philosophical interests in film, critical theory and Marxism.

Outside of my academic interests, I am also interested in politics and film. When I am not writing code or reading about computer science related topics you could probably find me reading about politics, philosophy, political philosophy, or watching a variety of films. I try my best to log all the films that I watch on my Letterboxd and I hope to start adding blog posts and other writing here soon.

Here are some ways you can contact and/or find me:


I have nothing else to put here currently, so below is a gif of a bird shaking its head. Enjoy! :)